Internet access

SMARTNET Company provides an assigned access to Internet resources using its own data transmission channels providing immediate access to Kazakh, Russian and foreign traffic and high-speed transmission of a big volume of traffic.


Internet access is performed using fiber optic SMARTNET network, which allows supporting a high speed of data transfer. You get an Internet access via synchronous channel (Ethernet technology) i.e. speed of data transfer and data reception is high in both directions.

External Internet access channels are reserved. Reserved channel is turned on in case of force-majeure circumstances, this allows achievement of stable provision of services.


Average utilization of internet channels is 70%, increasing of capacity of external channels takes place several times a month. SMARTNET Company uses ground circuits.

Availability of fiber optic network SMARTNET across the city allows customers using internet access services on a large scale.

Service order

Main advantages


Internet channel is reserved at the physical and logic level


We use terrestrial links only


There is an availability of development of individual business offers owing to the fact that SMARTNET has its own fiber-optic network

Service parameters

•    Access speed to the network up to 1 Gbit/s. 

•    Capacity of own channels up to 10 Gbit/s. Additional services/abilities available to customers


•    Obtaining of necessary number of IP-addresses. 

•    Registration of domain names of the first and second level. 

•   Arrangement and support of the last mile.

•   Day and night customer support service and monitoring of parameters of Services provision.

• Ability of connection of additional access points in the footprint of the Operator.


• Ability of immediate increase of internet access speed in compliance with the application of the customer. SMARTNET provides high-speed access to the Internet with speed up to 1 Gbit/s.


The way we use for building a network is called ETTBuilding - Ethernet to the Building (building/home) and is based on using of fiber optics directly to the customer – so called FTTBuilding – fiber to the Building.

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