E1 trunk is used for arrangement of qualitative voice channels in multi-channel telephone network. It is used as well as in big companies and in administrative buildings in the process of load distribution on telephone networks and widening of phone numbers capacity. E1 trunk allows performance of 30 simultaneous voice communication channels of high quality in one digital stream and connect more phone numbers (depends on scalability of customer PBX)

Service order

Main advantages

Incorporation of remote offices

Ability to incorporate different branches in order to create a single virtual network with dialing on short numbers between employees from different offices or cities. However there is an identification of internal numbers of customer’s ATS and ability of specification of calls statistics according to each customer;

High reliability and safety

Owing to digital coding of the signal there is a good noise immunity and high quality of speech. ISDN PRI concept itself provides isolated channel of data transfer from operator’s equipment to the customer that is why audio interception protection is performed owing to the technology itself.

Extended spectrum of additional services

Besides using of ATS services our customers have an opportunity to access additional types of services of SMARTNET LLP such as Remote Office or Simultaneous ring. A complete list of services shall be specified at the operator