Virtual АТС Smart PBX

SMARTNET Company is pleased to offer you a service Virtual PBX SMART PBX.

Using this service, the customer will not have to buy their own PBX, it is enough to order external and internal dial plans that allow customers to reduce significantly the cost for construction and maintenance of private telephone network.

SMARTNET company is capable to provide the "Virtual PBXSMART PBX” service anywhere where there is access to the Internet. In addition, all calls within the network are free of charge.


SIP trunk is a virtual communication channel between the provider (operator) of IP-telephony and an office IP-ATS of the customer, which allows connection of any quantity of phone numbers. In its turn each such number may have unlimited number of external trunk circuits (number of simultaneous talks via one number). SIP trunk provided by SMARTNET LLP uses SIP2.0 protocol described in the standard RFC3261 and its additions (RFC 2976, RFC 3262, RFC 3265, RFC 3428, RFC 3515, RFC 3903).

E1 trunk

E1 trunk is used for arrangement of qualitative voice channels in multi-channel telephone network. It is used as well as in big companies and in administrative buildings in the process of load distribution on telephone networks and widening of phone numbers capacity. E1 trunk allows performance of 30 simultaneous voice communication channels of high quality in one digital stream and connect more phone numbers (depends on scalability of customer PBX)

Internet access

SMARTNET Company provides an assigned access to Internet resources using its own data transmission channels providing immediate access to Kazakh, Russian and foreign traffic and high-speed transmission of a big volume of traffic.


Internet access is performed using fiber optic SMARTNET network, which allows supporting a high speed of data transfer. You get an Internet access via synchronous channel (Ethernet technology) i.e. speed of data transfer and data reception is high in both directions.

External Internet access channels are reserved. Reserved channel is turned on in case of force-majeure circumstances, this allows achievement of stable provision of services.


Average utilization of internet channels is 70%, increasing of capacity of external channels takes place several times a month. SMARTNET Company uses ground circuits.

Availability of fiber optic network SMARTNET across the city allows customers using internet access services on a large scale.

VPN channels

Virtual Private Network VPN (IP Virtual Private Network), is organized using IPVPN or L2VPN, and allow you to combine the offices and customer points of presence into a single protected from unauthorized access network.

VPN solution is best for: 

  • Combining of branches geographically dispersed across town or across the country
  • improved network security
  • costs optimization
  • meet the special requirements of data transmission channels (level L2, L3, MTU)
  • Providing of different levels of service (classes of services), which allows you to integrate voice traffic with LANs data and high-quality video transmission.

VPN is based on the high-speed fiber-optic SMARTNET network. Connection is made at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s by Ethernet.

VPN  Advantages

A key feature of virtual private networks is lack of need to use dedicated channels to combine offices and technical centers of the Customer to a single data transmission network. The Customer will receive the following advantages:

SMARTNET telecommunication network is based on modern technology - NGN (Next Generation Network), which allows customers to connect at high speeds through its own fiber- optic ring in Almaty and Astana, with a vast coverage area, the highest level of reliability and manageability, and also with unique opportunity to provide the quality of service.

SMARTNET Company is a partner of construction companies, investors and management companies, and helps to create modern telecommunications medium of business centers.


Advantages of SMARTNET offer for your company:

  • removal services of existing telecommunications networks;
  • investment participation in equipping buildings with communication services;
  • providing a full range of services to manageьуте and construction companies at the stage of construction of the facility;
  • a full range, high quality and reliability of the services;
  • mutually beneficial cooperation with the owners and management companies to tenants service.


When connecting real property SMARTNET provides a full range of works from the analysis of the users future needs to the end-users service with the ability to expand the range of services provided in accordance with the growth of tenants or occupants needs.

The company carries out a construction of fiber -optic communication lines to the building and connects it to the SMARTNET network. This solution allows us to provide one channel (at a speed of 100 Mbit/s), telephony services, data transmission, Internet access and television.



We are taking into account the fact that the availability of access to the developed telecommunication services - digital telephone and Internet resources - is becoming an indispensable element of business and private life of modern people, and real property security with telecommunications services – is the attractiveness increasing factor of these objects on the part of potential tenants or residents.

We are looking forward to meeting you at any time and consider all of your suggestions and proposals in respect to our possible cooperation with your organization.